TopFan: Community platform that every football club needs

TopFan: Community platform that every football club needs

TopFan is a white label platform for fan community management and content distribution and monetization. It allows clubs to build their direct-to-consumer business and take back control of audience relationships and data from social media networks. TopFan improves the club's marketing capabilities and digital presence, while providing fans with a more engaged user experience. 

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The 3 main components of TopFan are:

Content Anywhere distribution through white-labeled end user interfaces on mobile app, responsive web, and television connected devices for industry-leading fan engagement and direct-to-consumer business models.

Content Management System that aggregates content and allows for curated programming of targeted premium or ad-supported multimedia content distribution to end users. Seamless integration with any OVP and OTT video delivery.

Fan Relationship Management®  backend big-data system that tracks every user interaction and builds detailed client-owned demographic and psychographic profiles about each user to enable targeted, direct marketing campaigns.

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Overview of TopFan with Company Info

TopFan Features Matrix

TopFan Advertising Client

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